Bandwidth Sharing

The goal is to vizualize the good and bad behavior of other peers plus provide insight into your own goodness or badness. The focus is to stimulate seeding and giving away of bandwidth instead of leeching on others.

The underlying technical issues is that watching television in real-time requires people to contribute. Thus seed several files and remain online for a long duration.

A possible course of action is that you have to earn the right to do Video on Demand.

‚ÄčPaper by Jenneke on Trust and sharing in P2P

!Supertrust V1

Use the history of direct dealings with other peers to estimate trust levels. The source of information for this is the peercache.
[source:publications/supertrust/supertrust.tex Draft of article on Supertrust]


  • Number of !MBytes uploaded / downloaded
  • Similarity of profiles
  • Age of peer
  • number of encounters (connections)
  • Number of .torrent files exchanged

[source:software_general/pydbgui/ Show the content of Peercache]

!Supertrust V2

Share goodness and badness with others. Build a trust network of similar peers, friends, and barter buddies. Previous barter actions can be regarded as a trust graph (e.g. 1GByte of trust).

You - 4GB -b- 2GB - Other
You - 2GB -c- 5GB - Other


The Supertrust V1 relies on [milestone:4.0.0 Release 4.0 of Tribler] and

The Supertrust V2 relies on [milestone:5.0.0 Release 5.0 of Tribler].