Get started and Screenshots

Tribler is easy and fast

Tribler can find files for you. No need for websites.

Tribler can do 100 Mbps, sadly we cannot fix slow Internet connections or underseeded swarms.

Lots of additional features: magnet links, video-on-demand, sub-second search, channels and anonymous downloading/seeding.

The basics

Search for content

Type in what you want in the search bar and hit <enter>. Play with your search keywords until you find something you want.

Download content

Download by double-clicking on any search result. Single-click to see details such as size and included files.

Consume content

When you click on search results you can also select "Stream". This activates the integrated video and audio player. No need to wait for downloads to complete, with streaming you can use Bittorrent in Youtube-style.

Your reputation

By clicking on the trust icon, you can see your standing in the network. Tribler uses a tamper-proof blockchain to keep track of what you give to and take from the network. You can increase your reputation by uploading content to others.

Extra options

Magnet links

Use the "plus" icon in the upper right corner to quickly stream or download magnet links.


Channels are a bunch of torrents managed by a user like you. Use "mark as favorite" to keep up to date with all content of a channel. This also signals others automatically that this is a cool legit channel and prevents spam.

Your own channel

Everybody can start their own channel from within Tribler. Share dozens to 12,000 torrents with the whole world. Freshly added torrent spread to all subscribers in minutes.