3. Early majority – Mainstream leaders

Tribler version: Tribler 5 and further

Key aspects

  • Status sensitive
  • High demanding and critical to products
  • Balance between work and enjoying life
  • A bit conservative, but open for new ideas
  • Active in community
  • Family is important
  • Long for authority and rules
  • Certainty
  • Income and challenging
  • Conformist and risk avoiding
  • A regulated life
  • Consumtion and entertainment oriented
  • Materialistic and status sensetive
  • Technology minded
  • Traditional division of roles
  • Both high and low educated, All incomes
  • Solidair and social engaged
  • Society and politically engaged
  • Reflective and critical
  • Tolerant
  • International interested
  • Trying to be of social use
  • Sober
  • Strategically and principal
  • More women than men
  • 2e IPOD

Multimedia find

Multimedia consume

  • Kazaa
  • Windows MediaPlayer, I-tunes
  • Mainstream TV/papers/magazines/websites (PC Totaal, Viva, People, Elsevier, Volkskrant, RTL Boulevard, NOVA)

Multimedia share

  • Mail to friends
  • IM with friends
  • Leave messages on social networks platforms (Facebook, Hyves, etc.)


  • Computer: Apple
  • OS: OS X
  • Browser: Safari / Firefox
  • Electronic products: First IPOD, newest mobile phone, Big TV screen, better than average ADSL conn.
  • Other software: MS Office, Adobe CS programs, I-tunes, iPhoto, tons of Apple widgets and other small software programs.…