Wikimania 2010 Workshop Draft

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Hosting Wikipedia Videos via Peer-to-Peer

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Workshop (with half of the time as presentation of what has been done so far)

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Arno Bakker, Riccardo Petrocco, Michael Dale, Jan Gerber, Victor Grishchenko, Diego Rabaioli, Johan Pouwelse

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Delft University of Technology, Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

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Wikipedia wants to enable users to add video and audio on their Wiki pages. The technical downside is that its bandwidth requirements will increase manifold. How to handle this bandwidth surge? Commercial CDNs are one option, but they have downsides, including the relatively high costs (esp. considering Wikipedia's volumes), the relatively restrictive terms in regard to fair-use and take-downs, content filtering, and user privacy. There is also the question of institutional independence. We therefore started exploring the idea of using peer-to-peer distribution or a community-run CDN for Wikipedia video.

In particular, we explored the BitTorrent-based peer-to-peer video technology from P2P-Next (a European research project). This open technology is very flexible with respect to how it provides bandwidth (from the users viewing in their browsers to normal HTTP-based hosting). Over the past months Delft University of Technology and Wikimedia have been cooperating to easily integrate P2P-Next into MediaWiki. In this workshop we would like to present how P2P-Next could be used for hosting Wikipedia's A/V content. In addition, we would like to have a discussion on using peer-to-peer to build a community-run CDN.

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Infrastructure Track