Tribler: P2P Television on the Internet (DUTCH)

Workshop on innovative P2P technology for distributing video.

Wednesday May 23rd 2007
Cristofori, Prinsengracht 581-583, Amsterdam

On May 23, the Tribler team of Delft University of Technology and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will organize a workshop on next-generation P2P technology. Tribler is an innovative social-based P2P system for distributing live and recorded video content.

In this workshop the unique features of the Tribler P2P-TV software will be highlighted, the revolutionary consequences of P2P for Internet television will be discussed, and several companies that already use P2P and Tribler will tell their strories.

From centralized distribution towards P2P-TV

Exchanging and watching videos using sites such as YouTube and is becoming very popular. These sites currently use large and expensive servers for video distribution. P2P technology can change this by letting users help in distributing videos to large numbers of other users at low cost. This is of interest to large content providers, but also to enthousiastic amateurs and small content-creating businesses that want to spread their own content.

P2P-TV means a virtually unlimited amount of content and a complete freedom of choice. Whereas ordinary cable TV currently offers 30 channels, with Internet television this number will be in the hundreds or thousands. Combined with the amounts of content offered by semi-professionals and home users this means that finding a particular piece of content is difficult. 'There is nothing on the telly tonight' will soon be history.

Intended audience

This workshop is intended for those who are interested in innovative P2P technology, and in particular for companies that may want to use this technology and Tribler, such as local and national broadcasters, operators of video sharing platforms, IPTV providers, and the home entertainment industry.


Tribler is an innovative P2P-TV system with several unique features. For instance, P2P video-on-demand is an interesting development that enables the user to watch a video while it is being downloaded.

Also, Tribler is the first co-called social-based P2P system in which users know each other, so that they can help their friends in downloading videos and give them recommendations about content that may be of interest to them. This is combined with a professional user interface with a true multimedia look and feel.

The Dutch Public Broadcasters are currently testing Tribler in their uitzendinggemist environment.

For more information on Tribler and for Tribler downloads, please see

Program (tentative)

13:30Tribler and Television
Tribler intro and 4.0 demo Tribler: Television for 2012 ?
George Wright, BBC
Mark Stuart, Pioneer
Mark Guelbahar, IRT; ARD/ZDF P2P, as seen from the european public broadcasters
15:10Cofee break; break
15:30Tribler Use cases
Egon Verharen; Publieke Omroep Collaboration between Dutch Public Broadcasters and Tribler
Sietse Bakker; Eurovision The value of P2P and online community building for events
Nils Rooijmans; Ilse Media Media 2.0
Oliver Hack; BM8 - Markenfilm group Viral Marketing and P2P
10 minute demo; Commodore
17:00Drinks and informal questions


This workshop is organized by the Tribler team of Delft University of Technology and the Vrije Universteit Amsterdam. The Tribler P2P software is developed in the context of the Freeband/Ishare project.


You can register for this workshop on invitation only. Please register at