Build Tribler on Windows from Scratch

This page may be outdated, see Tribler/readme.txt in the source tree for up-to-date info.

To build a Tribler installer on Windows from scratch, do the following.

Installing required software

  1. Download and install Python 2.4.3 into C:Python243wx2801.
  2. Download and install wxPython
  3. Download and install py2exe 0.6.6.
  4. Download and install the NSIS installer into C:Program FilesNSIS.
  5. Download and install some Subversion client (for instance TortoiseSVN).
  6. Download and install M2Crypto 0.18-win32 (Contributed Build).
  7. Download and install PySqlite and/or APSW.

Preparing the source

Access to https requires authorisation. For read-only access, use http.

  1. Check out into C:svnmainbranch.
  2. Check out into C:svn fmpeg.
  3. Check out into C:svnvlc.
  4. Copy the files in C:svn fmpeg and C:svnvlc into C:svnmainbranch.
  5. Rename the copied C:svnmainbranchzip to vlc.

Build installer

  1. Open CMD and chdir to C:svnmainbranch
  2. Run makedist

You will now have an installer at C:svnmainbranchdistTribler-VERSION.exe, enjoy :)