Wikimedia Cooperation: Swift

Trial Website


  • Expand mwEmbed such that:
    if (typeof tswiftTransport != 'undefined')
             // contact
             // generate <video> <source> element based on 'swift' key
             // in JSON reply
    if (typeof swarmTransport != 'undefined')
             // contact normal url2torrent, etc.
  • Autoseed more?
  • More permanent solution to 99% bug = fuzzy len.
  • Good quality video of Swift-on-Android
  • Good quality video of Swift-on-iPad
  • Update 3000 website with Swift enabled Sintel Wikipedia page.
  • Watch seeder.log growth

(* Report bug: returns 200 on invalid Range request (> actual content-length), not 416)

Known Issues

  • Seeking is currently not supported. The Swift HTTP gateway presently doesn't handle/accept HTTP range requests. Video controls do allow seeking, but that doesn't work well. Seeking without range requests not properly supported in FF? I also cannot find a way to disable seek at the GUI for the default firefox controls :-(


  • HTTP fallback implemented in XPI's JavaScript:
    • Fallback to 2nd <source> if swift.exe no start or no data (swift exits).
    • Fallback to HTTP URL if swift.exe delivered data.
  • Setup own url2torrent on that generates tswift:// URLs in 'swift' response field.
  • Made trial code independent of normal SwarmPlayer, i.e. tswift:// and
  • Fix for Linux not commencing playback (=rc2)
  • swift.exe as Windows app, not Console
  • Turn off autoswiftization for other videos, or set failover time to shorter (currently 5 s)
  • Logging Mac version



Test pages