Howto build python bindings for Ubuntu

Gutsy Gibbon?

Run the following as root. Be sure that you have source URIs in your sources.list, otherwise copy them from ‚Äč

apt-get build-dep vlc

apt-get source vlc

cd vlc-0.8.6.release.c

./configure --prefix=/usr/ --enable-wxwindows --disable-mad

make install

cd bindings/mediacontrol-python

python install

Hardy Heron

To build the python bindings on Ubuntu, use the following procedure:

  1. apt-get build-dep vlc
  2. apt-get source vlc
  3. Edit topsourcedir/debian/rules and add
    to the vlc_confflags variable
  4. cd topsourcedir/debian
  5. debuild
  6. The build will fail. Then
    cd topsourcedir
    vi Makefile
    # remove "bindings" from SUBDIRS variable
  7. Once VLC has been built
    cd topsourcedir/bindings/mediacontrol-python
  8. This command will fail, as it cannot find some libs. Apparently debuild does a shared-lib build and the "python build" command expects a static-lib build. Copy the gcc command and change the library paths to the correct ones. In general, this means adding .libs/ before the library name and changing .a to _builtin.a.
  9. You'll find the Python module in lib.linux-<arch>-2.5/

Note: a ready package is available from:

deb hardy main

Intrepid Ibex

  1. Run the following commands
    sudo apt-get install libvlc-dev git-core python-dev
    cd /tmp
    git clone git://
    cd vlc/bindings/python/
    python build  
    sudo python install  

You may need to set the LD_LOAD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to prevent the created from using the official /usr/lib VLC libraries instead of the ones you just built.

Alternatively, for 32-bit Ubuntu 8.10 binary packages are available at:



We don't official support these packages, sorry.