Business with Tribler

Tribler is open-source peer-to-peer software developed at TU Delft, and VU Amsterdam. We foster co-development with other universities, companies and the open-source community. Anybody is free to download Tribler, to use it and to modify it under LGPL License (see LicensingTerms).

Tribler is currently rapidly developing from a P2P-downloading client to a multimedia sharing platform with embedded player, recommendation, communities, etc. Many industrial partners have already discovered the possibilities of using Tribler in their environment.

Cooperating with Tribler

We know three types of cooperation between Tribler (TUDelft/VU) and a company

  1. Contract Research
  2. Open Source collaboration
  3. Joint Development

If you are interested in using Tribler in your business or in cooperating, please introduce yourself on the forum or contact Johan Pouwelse.

Tribler Platform

Tribler is currently developing in the direction of an open platform which is available for everybody. It does not matter whether you are an open source developer, private company or public entity, Tribler is available as en open platform on which free or commercial applications can be based.