Architecture of Tribler

Component Overview (Clickable)

Boxes represent classes and arrows represent either "creates" or "calls" relationships. Note that we use the new term Torrent-Share to denote the per-torrent part of the download engine.


The following diagrams show the current architecture of Tribler in more detail. The originals can be found in [source:bt2-design/how-tribler-works/trunk svn:/bt2-design/how-tribler-works/trunk]

Extenstions to ABC / Bittorrent

The extensions we made to ABC/Bittorrent are all explained in the research section. See the protocol specification in the left side-bar of this page for a detailed specification.

Inner Workings of Bittornado

To accompany the architecture diagrams there is a detailed description of the inner workings of Bittornado(pdf).