Superpeer Logs

This page discusses the superpeer logs and the data that has been extracted from them. Superpeers log all messages received from peers. Using the buddycast messages a dataset could be created.

In total 50gb of log data has been parsed, resulting in a dataset which contains:

  • 819.732 unique torrents
    • 314.734 which are download 2 times or more
  • 717.109 unique permids
    • 529.937 which have been online longer then 60 seconds
    • 424.485 which have downloaded 1 file or more


Daily usage

Tribler daily usage. Important events, such as being in the news or a release of a new client, are shown at the bottom of each graph.

Tribler daily usage, includes peers of which the overlay version is not known. This is due to never communicating with the superpeers, before detecting this peer using another peer his friend/randomlist. After a peer has communicated once with a superpeer, the highest known version is used to fill in this not known version.

Cumulative graph.

Behaviour of Top-50 downloaders

The number of downloads per day, for the top-50 most active downloaders.

The same, only the downloads are cumulative now.

The number of downloads per hour of day (showing only top-10). Possibly due to the resolution of the superpeer logdata (1 message every 4 hours), no day/night rithm can be seen. But no obvious bot activity either.

Tribler distributions

Popularity of torrent files.

Time between first-seen and last-seen in seconds. All users with a difference of less then 60 seconds are removed.

Number of torrents downloaded per user.