Reading Seminar

The aim of this research-oriented seminar is twofold:

  • Each time somebody presents details of a research paper. The list of the possible paper is below (some classical ones and some of them are recent).
  • PhD students and post-docs can explain their own research field to the others which is followed by constructive and deep discussion.

The idea of this seminar is not new (see [TriblerMeetingSchedule]) and it needs huge effort from the interested people to keep it alive.

List of papers to be presented (please add your own favorit here or put comments why you (do not) like a particular one):

(Please note that this is now (as 8 Sept, 2008) a random collection of papers...)

  • design of P2P systems,
  • Qin Lv, Pei Cao, Edith Cohen, Kai Li, and Scott Shenker. Search and replication in unstructured peer-to-peer networks. In Proceedings of the 16th ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS'02), 2002.
  • Matei Ripeanu, Adriana Iamnitchi, and Ian Foster. Mapping the gnutella network. IEEE Internet Computing, 6(1):50–57, 2002.
  • Lada A. Adamic, Rajan M. Lukose, Amit R. Puniyani, and Bernardo A. Huberman. Search in power-law networks. Physical Review E, 64:046135, 2001.
  • Patrick Reynolds and Amin Vahdat. Efficient peer-to-peer keyword searching. In Middleware 2003, volume 2672 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 21–40. Springer-Verlag, 2003.
  • Monica Bianchini, Marco Gori, and Franco Scarselli. Inside pagerank. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 5(1):92–128, 2005.
  • Márk Jelasity and Ozalp Babaoglu. T-Man: Gossip-based overlay topology management. In Sven A. Brueckner, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, David Hales, and Franco Zambonelli, editors, Engineering Self-Organising Systems: Third International Workshop (ESOA 2005), Revised Selected Papers, volume 3910 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 1–15. Springer-Verlag, 2006.
  • Petar Maymounkov and David Mazières, Kademlia: A Peer-to-Peer Information System Based on the XOR Metric, Revised Papers from the First International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems, Lecture Notes In Computer Science; Vol. 2429, p.53 - 65, 2002.