A Survey on Peer-to-Peer Web Hosting

"A Survey on Peer-to-Peer Web Hosting" is a report on existing peer-to-peer web hosting systems. Author: Fabian van der Werf.


This report is an overview and analysis of current peer-to-peer web hosting systems and techniques. The systems are analyzed with respect to three different aspects. First, the content and storage mechanisms of the web hosting systems are explained. Most systems are either structured or unstructured networks, while there are a few systems with a hybrid network. Both types, structured and unstructured, can provide keyword search and replica management, for unstructured networks this is done automatically. Structured networks have to manage these features actively, but have the advantage of bounded lookups. Second, the issues of decentralization, scalability, and resilience are discussed. Generally, peer-homogeneous systems provide the best scalability and resilience, because these systems are selfscaling, and a node failure causes only the resources donated by that node to be no longer available. Finally, the goals and environments for which the systems are designed are discussed. Most systems have as a goal either server alleviation or latency reduction. Additionally, some systems provide facilities for untrusted environments, for dealing with high churn, for handling DHCP, or for firewalls.


These are some of the papers that are discussed in the research task.

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