The software currently under development for
Web 2.0 browsing is ready in initial form.

Download the V1.0 20MB .exe file now
[source:/software_general/web_2.0_browser Browse the source code] or use SVN

Please email your questions or remarks in Dutch or English: fvanderwerf AT gmail.com

The Tribler Web 2.0 browser consists of dedicated Python code which uses a 250+ MByte cache and understanding of website structures of Wikipedia, Flickr.com, Youtube, Revver, etc.
This enables the access of Web 2.0 sites on platforms such as a Nokia 770, iPod video, TV Settop box, 64-bit AMD machines, and all other platforms which do not run the proprietary Flash format player or do not have a traditional PC screen with sufficient resolution. The demand for moving of video clips to non-proprietary formats is clear when searching Digg.com for articles on this topics, such as this highly popular article.

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Q: How can I access the video/photo/text file? / How do I convert videos to iPod format?
A: Look up your video/photo/text in the playlist on the viewer tab and click on it with the right mouse button. The menu that is displayed contains a "Save as..." option to save the file to a location of your choice. For videos, this menu also contains a "Save as ... for iPod" option to save the video in iPod format.



Mac OS/X:

Done list

  • GUI improvement
  • iPod transcoding
  • .exe by Ivaylo
  • [source:software_general/star_buttons_for_ratings voting and rating] across all Web 2.0 sites
  • Progressive download ? FFMPEG: -re Read input at native frame rate.
  • TCPDump trace of activity
    • Timestamp of GUI events (Research, show results, )
    • Timestamp of HTTP requests, data transfers, etc.
  • Performance analysis, latency of queries
    • single thread, single Web 2.0 server
    • multiple thread, single Web 2.0 server
    • multiple thread, multipe Web 2.0 server
    • multiple thread, multipe Web 2.0 server + P2P caching !
  • High scores graphs for thesis
    • top searches
    • popular content
    • highest rating
  • Instant satisfaction interface (skipped)
    • show recent events on ratings and shared browser cache
    • check /ratings.rss and /shared_browser_cache.rss
  • Community measurements

ToDo list

  • Layout of thesis report (? Problem description, design, implementation, experiments,etc.)
    • Two chapters for Web2.0 client and shared browser cache ?
    • Which graphs are explained
  • Create small wiki document on khashmir DHT matters
    • How bootstrapping goes (every session or after install)
    • What steps are taken for the peer discovery
    • .torrent fields usage
    • What is stored in SQLight
  • P2P element, single click seeding
    • lastest 5.0.7+ Bittorrent core
    • use khasmir DHT node
    • Possibly at Delft for bootstrapping
    • parallel: download thumbnails; check if exists in shared browser cache
  • Bandwidth saved using Shared Browser Cache
    • Experiment of downloading a LiveLeak video
    • .Torrent file is created
    • Track Buddycast spreading
    • On another computer conduct a search on keyword
    • Show results


  • Apr: Integration 4.0
  • May: Code in initial production use
  • Jun: Results & writing
  • Jul: Finish writing

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