Comparison with other P2P software

Review of online TV offerings


Joost is made by the team which was also behind Kazaa and Skype For an analysis of Joost both the technology and the history of this team are important.

Kazaa and Skype are both for-profit initiatives that defined the state-of-the-art of P2P at the time. However, Kazaa was bundled with spyware and also took the referal credit for sales on Skype was sold for $2.6 billion in up-front cash and eBay stock.

The business model behind Joost is likely another takeover. Joost is inserting advertisements between programs to obtain reveneus using proprietairy software. At the technology level; Joost still requires central servers to offer Video on Demand and only supports a single bitrate. The P2P protocol is fixed at 720Kbps H264 encoding and is architecturaly constraint. It is expected that the Joost architecture will not scale to HDTV-like bitrates. The interface of Joost is very simple and elegant, their key selling point.


What Babelgum lacks right now is a compelling differentiator — it needs to offer better content, better features or better technology than Joost and any other upstarts if it wants to win, from a review by Jackson West

Azureus with

They combine central servers for the metadata with a Java based front-end for Bittorrent.

You can link directly to their clips : Mars Exploration, Part One: TERRA This clips has an online preview you can directly link to 7HFGQJZOOIGCI7QG4RUH2FQNGLPNO77S.jpg :

and a .torrent file with the similar name : 7HFGQJZOOIGCI7QG4RUH2FQNGLPNO77S.torrent

Some cool magic is that this .torrent file contains a thumbnail picture ! The format of the Thumbnail field in the .torrent is simply binairy formated as JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.02 The Thumbnail has 24bit color depth, resolution of 171 x 96, and a size of 2751 Bytes. The other .torrent content :

metainfo file.: 7HFGQJZOOIGCI7QG4RUH2FQNGLPNO77S.torrent

info hash.....: f9ca68272e720c247e06e4687d160d32ded77ff2

file name.....: 104_Mars_Podcast_Part_One_TERRA2.wmv

file size.....: 130468913 (1990 * 65536 + 52273)

announce url..:

When downloading this file the speed goes to 9Mbps in 5 seconds. This is due to the existance of a few dedicated seeders. which are in the screenshot below:

When resolving the above seeders using DNS we find that a few dedicated seeders are used from the Azuereus people themselves.

We conclude that a few dedicated seeder which send chuncks in the first seconds really ease the problems of P2P Video on Demand.


Earlier "Democyracy player" RSS Video Aggregator using BitTorrent for transport (likely also http if so specified in the RSS). Very nice GUI, based around "Channels", which are RSS feeds. Channels are divided into different types of content, as well as "most popular", "new" etc. Video player is embedded, making the user experience good. Lot of suggestions for stuff to watch, quite a lot of high resolution content. Also has search capabilities. Will also suggest "if you like this channel, you might like ...". Memory consumption seems improved since "Democracy player". Knows about which episodes you've watched, auto-downloads and deletes. Remembers play positions if you want to resume watching an episode. Annoyance: "Auto-download" downloads newest first, while it should have been the oldest first (or at least configurable) pr channel.


Simple plugin with claimed streaming support


Research project from INRIA, France. An Open Source file sharing client for direct friends sharing being worked on by two people.


Research project from Technion, Israel. A closed source ad-hoc sharing client for LAN file sharing and multiplayer gaming.


Research project from University of Neuchatel, Switserland. An Open Source micro P2P file sharing client of only 6 lines of code. Now aiming to exploit MDC technology for video streaming.

VoD websites

Websites where similar to Youtube the user can upload. The wikipedia-like user moderation is key to keeping the experience clear & fast.