Build SwarmPlayer on the MAC

To build a SwarmPlayer installer on Mac OS/X from scratch, do the following. Note: Our subversion access to https requires authorisation. For read-only access, use http.

Installing required software

Newer versions could well be OK too, these are just the ones I've tried.

  1. Download and install Python 2.5.1.
  2. Download and install wxPython
  3. Download and install py2app 0.3.6.
  4. Download and install, for instance through MacPorts: git, gmake, subversion, swig. And anything else that turns out to be missing.
  5. Download and install apsw from Google. Build using python build --fetch-sqlite to automatically download SQLite as well.
  6. Download and install XCode 2.4.

Obtaining binaries

Tribler and the SwarmPlayer use several binaries, which you can either compile or just [source:vlc/branches/vlc-0.8.6h-mac-py2.3 download them]. To compile the binaries:

  1. Check out into ~/svn/vlc-mainbranch.
  2. Open and chdir to ~/svn/vlc-mainbranch/macscripts
  3. Run ./

For more details, see MacBinaries. The end-result is a tarball called macbinaries-ARCH.tar.gz, with ARCH=i386 or ARCH=ppc, depending on your architecture. If you update the build process, please check in the new binaries (for example at vlc/branches/vlc-0.8.6h-mac-py2.3).

Preparing the source

  1. Check out into ~/svn/mainbranch.
  2. Extract your macbinaries-*.tar.gz file, which will create a macbinaries subdirectory.
  3. You can now run ./runmac.command Tribler/Player/ for instance.

Build installer

  1. Open and chdir to ~/svn/mainbranch/Tribler/Player/Build/Mac
  2. Run make

You will now have an installer called SwarmPlayer-ARCH.dmg in that directory, enjoy :)