Tribler bugs/issues on Mac OS/X

This list contains bugs to fix since r4157 (= 4.0.1-beta1).


  • fullscreen doesn't work for audio visualisation
  • files dropped on dock icon are downloaded but don't always show up in library
  • video playback: coming back from fullscreen requires a resize before video is displayed
    • maybe aglSwap doesn't notice window size change?
  • selecting 'Quit' from Dock does not raise Tribler but does show confirmation dialog
  • Downloading(2) but only one torrent in list


  • preferences etc should be stored in ~/Library/Preferences/...
  • does not work on 10.3. try setting MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET-10.3 when compiling on PPC


  • Preferences dialog too small
  • browse arrows change position after page 10 due to added dots on the left
  • 'downloading' lower-right panel has title only visible when window not selected
    • FIXED in [4161]
    • but now font is too large
  • discovered peers/files not transparent
  • star/stripes/crown on tribler icon missing until 'overall performance' is selected