M18 Trial

There is one event planned in June 2009:

  • 30 June Living Lab trials by ULANC

The public launch of the SwarmPlugin has been postponed till November. The planning for this is at the bottom of this page, the top describes the stuff we need to do for the ULANC trial.


A small 10 person trial running in July 2009. See WP8 Planning under the NextSharePC heading for the details. Apparently ULANC formulated some requirements on the NextSharePC_M18 page ('AC from WP8' heading).



  • POSTPONED: Rename BackgroundProcess? (Diego)
    • Arno, 2009-06-22: Managed to hide the Block/Unblock dialog by auto-firewall registration, so user doesn't see anymore.
  • trial pages asks for Install Y/N twice, and doesn't automagically start playing the video.
  • Add in statistics gathering disclaimer.
  • Deliver to ULANC.
  • Allow reading of status message from JavaScript

Machine Allocation

All content and logging is supposed to be done by ULANC.


  • DONE: determine whether fat .cab or lean .cab + installer is better (slim is better)
  • DONE: generate new classid ("1800B8AF-4E33-43C0-AFC7-894433C13538")
  • DONE: Find correct Javascript triggers for Firefox plugin: Just speaks v2 interface, so use document.video1.playlist.play(), etc.

'OUTDATED, see wiki:M23Trial': Public Launch (Nov 2009)


I assume it is a launch of the SwarmPlugin via trial.p2p-next.org with some video-on-demand content for watching. See Johan's filled in trial template

Machine Allocation

Probably will be hosted by ULANC LL

  • trial.p2p-next.org = pygmee: Website + binaries
  • barbara: seed + tracker
  • kayapo: log
  • asmat: seed (to be installed)
  • superpeer3@VU: off-site seed
  • jip@VU: off-site log
  • peer2peer.colo.mediadesign.nl: still available?
  • ss3: could be used
  • ss1+ss2: dead


  • Diego says that the porting of the plugin for Ubuntu/Firefox requires 1 month and Mac/Safari 2 months
  • Diego says currently Plugin2BG communication is Win32 dependent.
  • Setup seed software
  • Get content from BBC? and transcode to right format
  • Boudewijn planning stress test of ULANC logging service with Njaal