Log File Analysis

Steven Koolen created numerous scripts to parse crawling results on Tribler network.

Everything is stored on SuperStorage3:/home/steven/permid_mrt-nov

Both Data, .gnuplot, and .py

  1. get all raw crawl data files.
  2. run tribler_log.py, this creates .ips files
  3. run tribler_log_duplicate.py, which filters duplicate entries (might choose to also run tribler_log_filter_multipleinstance.py in order to filter back and forth switchers, thus using multipe computers)
  4. run any of the tribler_log_*.py files to create graphs from the data

For example tribler_log_permids_day.py shows the number of users

tribler_log_runall.sh runs all files for step 4 and creates .eps graph files