Live Streaming

LiveStreaming: everybody in the swarm is viewing the same content at the same time. Comparable to television channels or a webcam feed. Supported in Tribler as of July 2008, see SwarmPlayer

Planning before end of 2008

  • Operational Give-To-Get: core P2P video engine
  • BarterCast: link with sharing ratio enforcement
  • SelectiveSeeding: seeding policy
  • visualize your current score
    • Status and howto improve it
    • Allies + ratio and history
    • Recent helped peers
    • Pretty view of swarm, give-to-get connections


  • assume some peers are malicious, but the majority follows protocol
  • unchoke best neighbours
  • based on recent behaviour (forwarded bytes in last 10 seconds)
  • optimistic unchoke (every 20 seconds):
    • kick worst 4th unchoked neighbour (whom is not locked for ratio repay)
    • fill neighbourhood with:
      • 33% best supertrust peer (has best sharing ratio)
      • 33% if any: with you have debt (worst ratio to you)
      • 33% random