The concept of Channels will add rich metadata to Bittorrent and enable RSS-like subscriptions in P2P.

Channels give every user the ability to clean up metadata and extend Bittorrent swarms with additional info. With a simple keyword search, you can locate a channel. Every user can publish content in his Channel and the ChannelCast protocol is used to distribute this list. No server is needed for creating, spreading, and searching contents of the channel. We believe our initiative is the first attempt at Serverless user-generated metadata

Status and planning

After the summer of 2009 we aim to launch a Beta version of this feature. Currently one part of Channels called ModerationCast is implemented in [source:abc/branches/vincent/d07-09-18-modcast-from-mainbranch-r5355 Python], there is technical ‚Äčdocumentation, and a [source:abc/branches/vincent/moderationcastsim simulator]. More info.

Roadmap (Johan)

  • Step 1: we get basic playlists working plus voting on them. Result is a list of popular files without spam and lot of duplicate removal. 10-25 constant active moderators.
  • Step 2a: rich metadata to playlist with subtitles, thumbnail, tag added by playlist owner
  • Step 2b: every user can add tags to files in popular playlists. nicolas technology used for spamming prevention. We then build great a dataset for offline tuning.
  • Step 3: we implement tag-cloud for browsing. This enables remote control TV-like operation of GUI.