Legal events around P2P

IEEE Spectum has a nice angle on telco developments. Inspired by their vision you can say that recent court cases constitute: the cardinal business war of the 21st century, the battle royal for Internet supremacy.


July 2008; Mediaset, the company with links to Berlusconi is demanding 500MEuro from Youtube.

Germany open-wifi hardware liability case. A person can not be held accountable for copyright violations commited through their open wifi hardware. German lawyer blog entry.

Denmark Tele2 case of blocking and Piratebay. Deemed to violate EU law, specifically article 5 of the INFOSOC directive, see lawyer comments.

Irish ISP IERCom taken to court by IFPI to force them to block Piratebay.

Telia is now asked to block Piratebay.

Four Piratebay individuals face both criminal charges and compensation trials. The IFPI demand 2.5 million Euro in compensation and indicted them for being accessories to breaking copyright law in Stockholm district court.

In the UK there is threat of new legislation putting pressure on the ISPs to send stop your uploading letters.