Jelle Roozenburg

ir. Jelle Roozenburg was working as a developer for the TriblerValorisation project.

During development of the Tribler 3.6, 4.0 and 4.1 releases, I've been working on the graphical user interface. Currently, I'm also doing various other programming tasks for the Swarm Player and Tribler Client.

Bloom filters as secure and efficient data structure

I spend my research assignment reading about Bloom filters. A Bloom filter is a structure that resembles a hash-table, but only stores what elements are included, not the contents of these elements. Using Bloom filters, one can efficiently find the differences between to collections. For instance when two people on the internet both have a collection of files, the missing files can be exchanged without using much bandwidth. More information about Bloom filters can be found in my research assignment report or here.

Master's thesis research

I finished my Computer Science study by a master thesis research in the Tribler group. For my research I did detailed measurements to BitTorrent swarms on the [] community. From these data, I designed and implemented a distributed swarm discovery protocol called Little bird. The Little Bird protocol cooperates with the BuddyCast protocol to find the swarm of a certain content element. When initial online/connectible peers are found, this group exchanges swarm information in a reasonable secure fashion.

Spare time activities

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