About Jan David Mol

I'm a PhD student at Delft University of Technology. My subject is P2P Video Distribution, which I incorporate into Tribler to be able to do large-scale usage and performance measurements.

Also, I work on the Mac version of Tribler. It can always use more Mac-specific enhancements :)

Contact info

ir. J.J.D. Mol

Mekelweg 4

2628 CD Delft

The Netherlands

Room HB 09.240

Tel. +31-15-2784571

Email j.j.d.mol@tudelft.nl

Research pages

  • Give-To-Get How to do P2P Video-on-Demand in a free-riding-resilient way.

My wiki pages

On this page, I keep track of what I do, and what pages I'm working on. Not everything is finished, naturally

  • Tracker How to create a torrent start a tracker from the command line
  • LiveStreamingBeta If you want to play with live streaming in the development branch.
  • GstreamerMac What I did to get GStreamer working on the Mac
  • FfmpegWin What I did to get FFmpeg to cross-compile for Windows
  • CocoaIntro An introduction to GUI programming on the Mac
  • FfmpegYuv Tricks to handle certain YUV files with FFmpeg.
  • How to add Growl support to a Python application.
  • VlcMacHowto Info on compiling VLC and the python bindings on Mac OS/X.
  • MacBugs Bugs/issues specific for the Mac OS/X build.
  • MacWebcam Info on capturing a webcam on Mac using off-the-shelf software.
  • Dataset_FFF the datasets used to construct the FFF paper (J.J.D. Mol and J.A. Pouwelse and D.H.J. Epema and H.J. Sips (2008). Free-riding, Fairness, and Firewalls in P2P File-Sharing. In K. Wehrle and W. Kellerer and S.K. Singhal and R. Steinmetz (Eds.). 8-th IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing, pp. 301-310, Aachen, Germany. IEEE Computer Society.)