GUI 4.0 Requirements

The design for Tribler 4.0 has been made in high detail. Many of the functionality of this GUI however, are not yet implemented in the Tribler core. This document has the purpose of listing the complete set of functionality/protocols that have to work before MaartentenBrinke and JelleRoozenburg can implement the currently designed 4.0 GUI and all its functionality.

The following functionality is not yet implemented in Tribler 3.6.0:

  • torrent metadata
  • user metadata
  • friends import
  • torrent import
  • torrent RSS feed
  • to a friend recommendation
  • tagging and tag-based recommendation
  • rating and rate-based recommendation
  • commenting
  • people and torrent search
  • embedded video player
  • P2PWebhosting

Torrent metadata

In the GUI torrent metadata includes:

  • rating + number of raters
  • description
  • media details: video length/quality/resolution
  • ETA of download/VoD
  • clean title
  • thumbnail

These metadata have to be supported.

User metadata

In the GUI user metadata includes:

  • social wellness of friends
  • friends-of-friends
  • favorite tags
  • thumbnail

These metadata will probably be implemented by ArnoBakker 's social network implementation.

Friends import

It should be easy to find friends on the Tribler network and add them. A basic GUI design has been made for this. ArnoBakker 's social network implementation will facilitate this.

Torrent import

It would be a big improvement if users could easily seed new content through Tribler. The 4.0 version of Tribler includes only a screen to create a torrent (with self configured tracker) and inject it in your preference list.

Torrent RSS feed

The user is able to subscribe to rss-torrent feeds of content providers/users. Subscribing can be done by:

  • clicking a link in the tribler client
  • copy-paste an URL in tribler
  • clicking a link in an ordinary browser

To a friend recommendation

Having friends becomes valuable if you can communicate with them. A first step is sending content recommendations to them. You right click on for example a video, and you press 'recommend to friend'. In a pop-up window you select a friend and add a note. When pressed on send, your friend will receive a recommendation.

Tagging and tag-based recommendation

In the 4.0 GUI tagging is incorporated on the field of users, content and relations between the two groups. We need functionality to recommend both content and users based on a clicked tag. Probably a tagcloud-screen will be implemented.

Rating and rate-based recommendation

Next to tagging people can be facilitated in rating their content to show their preferences and order their library.


Enabling the user to comment content they have downloaded.

People and torrent search

Users must be able to search torrents and users. This functionality is not yet implemented.

Embedded video player

Tribler 4.0 supports embedded video playing. This has to be included in Tribler core functionality.


Browsing through Youtube, Flickr and Wikipedia content. See P2PWebhosting for more details.