Crawl of the Friendster social network

During my master thesis research, I did a web crawl of the Friendster social network.

Data format

It's a gzipped relations text file with on each line:


This means that user1 with user_id1 and username1 has user2 as friend (an edge between user1 and user2). The friendster graph has been crawled by storing directed relations. This means that both user1->user2 and user2->user1 may be in de relations file.

General information

Further information about the crawl:

  • Site:
  • Relations(directed): 28 million
  • Bootstrap user: 9646373 username: Joy
  • Begin crawl date: Thu Nov 17 15:13:31 2005
  • End crawl date: Wed Dec 7 15:55:05 2005

Using the data

If you like to use the crawl data, please contact me or the Tribler team.


If you have used the data in any publication, please refer to my Research assigment (unpublished):

  1. Roozenburg. A literature survey on bloom filters. Research

Assignment, November 2005.

  • BIB:
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