Forum ideas

Current forum first lists 2 year old discussions and spams the users. Need to fix this and be more professional.

Divide the work:

  • All content
    • Reply in 1 day or pass-on (new developer)
    • News item for Slashdot audience every 1-2 weeks (Johan)
  • Infrastructure
    • Forum approach and design (Riccardo)
    • Software (Boudewijn) [24/02/09 phpbb installed at]
    • Attractiveness (Jakub)


  • Operational by 15 March for Release Candidate testing
    • Become a tester on our forum
    • 10-15 questions on search, change bandwidth, etc
    • VLC works, runs on MAC/Windows..
    • Torrentfreak annouce
  • Blogging and Twitter is superior to email lists
  • T-Shirt reward