Local storage structure Tribler < 4.5

Tribler stores its per-user data in a per-user directory. On Windows this is:

C:Documents and SettingsUserApplication Data.Tribler

where "User" should be replaced by your own user name (for version 3.3.x replace .Tribler with .ABC). To locate this directory, you may have to enable "Show hidden files and folders" in the "Tools / Folder Options / View" menu of the Windows explorer. On Linux the directory is $HOME/.Tribler.

This directory contains the following files and directories:


Database files


Contains files with some status information about an open torrent. In particular, their priority and disabled files. The last concept is AFAIK never used in the GUI.

Note: Currently btlaunchmany saves download state in ~/.Tribler/datacache. BT1Download saves FileSelector which pickles Storage, StorageWrapper and stuff. This is passed to ConfigDir via writeTorrentData which then saves it in ~/.Tribler/datacache


Contains the mugshots for the friends and some depracated standard icons (*.ico)


Directory for temporarily storing downloaded pieces?


Directory with torrent files that have been downloaded by the user.


Directory with torrent files that have been received from peers as part of Buddycast, our decentralized recommendation system.




Contains a file for each torrent currently open in Tribler and their status. This is where Tribler saves the status of its open torrents at shutdown.


Tribler config file.


Private key of the Tribler used, needed to identity himself.


Public key of the Tribler used in PEM format. This public key is the user's PermID.


A file containing the info about the user's friends. We write this file at shutdown as a backup for the information in the database. This is because establishing friendship relations requires some work and the database often got corrupted in earlier Tribler versions.


The list of currently open torrents in Tribler, as written at shutdown time.


Backups of the open-torrents list