Borderless Blogging

Create software which enables people to spread news without the possibility of government interference.

  • Use Tribler content sharing core
  • Search Technorati, blogspot,
  • Search P2P blog
  • Publish blogs on P2P
  • Enable Video/Photo integration

Status: initial design and ‚ÄčBittBlogg source code

Key to Borderless Blogging is the zero-server requirement for the Blog. BittBlogg packs the blog posts into a single signed torrent specialised torrent file and publish them to the tribler overlay network using BuddyCast.

Any BittBlogg Client on receiving the Blog Torrent adds the blog post to its local database and the notification of the new post is shown on the home page.

When a user clicks on a blog post link on the home page, contents are downloades and shown to the user. The downloaded content later is seeded making the storage of the blog post distributed.

The current prototype uses ~/BittBlogg as the document root for the blog. All the html documents in that folder will be published by BittBlogg

Screen shots of prototype

Home Page

Search Results

Blog Post

Future Scope

  • Develop BlogCast Gossip Protocol which would enable
    • Blog Post updates notification.
    • Comments handling for Blog Posts.
    • Distribution of Blog Posts will be faster as it would only gossip about BittBlogg related contents.
  • Development of a proxy server for BittBlogg which would enable people to use their favorite webbrowser to browser BittBlogg