BarterCast is a protocol to exchange the altruism levels of peers. Altruism is defined as the amount of uploading versus downloading of a person. The goal is to create incentives for cooperation. (See IncentiveSystems for an overview of other incentive mechanisms.)

Attached is a draft 8-page paper of Dispersy, a system used for signatures and targeted to replace BarterCast eventually. It uses Bloom filters, see for detailed documentation: IPv8Datasync and thesis work

A lot of draft info on BarterCast is located here

Our first research paper on BarterCast. A greatly expanded version with a performance evaluation is pending publication.

Source of info

‚ÄčBittorrent crawls
Tribler crawl
Community crawl

Key research challenges

  • Unavailability of information due to: using 1st hand info only and peers unreliability
  • Overhead of sending to everyone, for instance, at the cost of 250 Bytes when giving out 10MByte.
  • Bootstrapping into this collective rep sys.