Official Partners of The Tribler Project

The Tribler Project has many partners that cooperate with us scientifically or in developing software.

Nederlandse Publieke Omroep

De Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (Dutch Public Broadcasters) and Tribler are planning a big test for streaming content.


Tribler and AHT have a long standing cooperation to aim for an open platform for peer-to-peer television. AHT is currently developing several differently spec'ed Set-Top-Boxes under the brand name Allsii. (See

I-SHARE / Freeband Program

Tribler rec I-SHARE Project, which is funded by the national Freeband Program. The I-SHARE project runs until December 2008.

Delft University of Technology and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Technische Universiteit Delft(Delft University of Technology) and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are long standing partners in developing Tribler as an open source P2P platform. Both are Partners in the ISHARE Project