Tribler Beta

You can download our latest beta version ‚Äčhere


  • very fast keyword search on Bittorrent swarms
    first results within a third of a second on average.
  • fastest, healthy and most relevant search results on top
  • extreme decentralisation
    removal of all central servers in Bittorrent architecture (content search, .torrent download and tracker)
    DHT is halve a second
  • Moderation in P2P network
    • no server needed
    • spam prevention
    • channels and subscriptions (RSS in pure P2P form)
    • 1-click access to most popular content
    • reduction of duplicates/swarm fragmentation
      bigger and healthier swarms
    • form a tribe around a moderator
  • improved download speed
  • UDP NAT puncturing (testing only)

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