Light Mode

status: initial idea

The problem is that the majority of users do not like RSS feeds, friends, and playlists. These users simply want to do search & play. Light mode attempts to address these two users type into 1 GUI.

The idea of basic/advanced mode in Tribler originates from extensive discussions with Piet Westendorp and Maarten ten Brinke. It seems that it is better to offer less options to people to ensure everyone understands. Optionally more features can be unlock by turning off the Light Mode.

Library problem

A key problem over the past two years was the concept of the library. Many people did not understand the need to select content for download & also then the need to go to the library to play it once it is done. The Tribler5 GUI provides a major improvement over the V4 series in this area. Within the light-mode the library should be absent and there is only a play button; to give people a Youtube-like simple experience. From the technical perspective it can take seconds or a minute before playback begins. So, therefore the right-hand side features an always present player in Tribler5.

No left-side menu

One possible approach to the light-mode is to remove the whole left-hand menu in the main opening screen. Thus removing concepts such as library, friends, RSS feeds, and profiles from the user. Only present are then a search box with Google simplicity. After a search is given and selected for download, the player is activated.