Modeling BitTorrent

Several significant papers on modeling the properties of BitTorrent and other P2P file sharing systems have been published, containing mathematical models, measurements, and simulation results. We present a survey of recent, significant papers in this field. We give an overview of the models, the analysis and the main results presented in these papers. The choice of papers is centered around three different aspects of P2P file sharing systems: (1) the performance; (2) the workload and user behavior; (3) the effect of pollution attacks.

Survey on the analytical modeling of file-sharing systems


In this paper, we present a survey of recent work in analytical modeling of peer-to-peer file sharing systems. We focus on the modeling of three aspects of such systems. First, we describe several performance models regarding chunk-based protocols such as BitTorrent. Secondly, we summarize a trace analysis and corresponding model of the workload and user behavior in a general file sharing context. Finally, we give a summary of a study into the effect of pollution attacks.


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