Invited talk on endogenous group formation

When: Friday 19th @ 2pm. Where: TUD in room 9.120.

Title: Who can I trust in the P2P noosphere?

Abstract: The most critical aspect of peer to peer networks is trust; who can I trust to reciprocate my generosity. Rather than fully automating this relationship newer P2P systems such as Tribler hope to take advantage of existing or new social relationships to improve reciprocity between peers. Given this new aspect, what can social psychology tell us about how these relationships are formed or maintained? This presentation will focus upon the formation of social groups, the advantages of self-determined social groups, and how membership of these groups can be governed to improve within-group altruism. These questions are addressed using research from a range of experiments in which behavioural game theory has been specifically tailored to mimic interaction within P2P systems. The aim being to understand which of the social peer-selection mechanisms viable for P2P would be most effective in improving system-wide cooperation and reciprocity.

Dr Jeremy Goslin, School of Psychology, University of Plymouth, UK.

Find attached the powerpoint + pdf of the talk (note due to animations you need to run the ppoint file to see it properly)